Interested in socializing with others in the "tween" years?

Created in 2017, MATS (Middle-aged Tweens) enriches the social lives of Landings residents somewhere in the demographic spectrum “in between” life’s first act and second.   Although individual circumstances of members vary considerably (part-time/full-time residents, club members or not, working or retired, married or single, raising families and/or caring for aging parents) most members are between 45 and 65 and enjoy active social lives. Casual events promoted by the group include Monthly Socials, Book Groups, Poker Nights, Ladies’ Nights Out, Coffees, a Business Group as well as a variety of special interest groups.

Is MATS a fit for you?

To keep our group from getting too large, we ask that if you are fully retired and/or not still launching kids or helping with aging parents that you pass on joining MATS.  New Neighbors and Land Lovers are larger groups that would love to have you join.  In fact, they have been around for decades and have been a wonderful asset to the community.  Our group is intended to fill the gap between before full time retirement.  

2020 Middle Aged Tweens of Skidaway (MATS) is an all volunteer member run non profit social organization.  

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